BasketDudes 2547

Online basketball game


  • Easy to play
  • Good tutorials
  • Chat channel


  • No offline mode
  • Basic gameplay


BasketDudes is an online basketball game where you can play online against other players in a virtual basketball game.

After free registration, you can play randomly against other opponents. There's a handy tutorial to get you started but BasketDudes is not complicated.

To begin with, after you login, the game will automatically take you to the team creation screen. Later on you will be able to create additional teams if you want to. Creating your team consists of choosing players, the kit they wear and the badge of your five players and even your stadium which you can improve and extend depending on how many points you win when playing.

Thanks to the diversity of choice provided by BasketDudes, you can create different types of teams: defensive, offensive, balanced, based around a star player etc. To find an opponent, you can log onto the integrated BasketDudes chat feature that allows you to organize games against random opponents.

The gameplay is very simple and doesn't have a steep learning curve. BasketDudes is very much a pick-up-and-play game that anyone who understands the basic rules of basketball will enjoy. The game is also rewarding in that as you win points during a game, you can buy and trade players so that you can climb the league.

BasketDudes isn't a particularly realistic basketball sim but it's very easy to pick-up and play and playing against real opponents is a lot of fun.



BasketDudes 2547

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